My adventure started in 1995 on a family vacation when I met a corgi. I loved the breed and did a ton of research before finally buying a corgi, named L.B, in 2000. We started obedience classes and later agility classes. Twenty years later, my entire family enjoys the sport, with our four border collies and one corgi.

Mark started teaching to help himself understand the behaviors of handlers and their dogs but his journey started much earlier than that.

In August 1995 we were heading to Florida for a family vacation. On our stop in Perrysburg, GA,  the front desk let us know that most of the rooms were taken due to a dog show. Eating pizza with with the door propped opened, in comes an unknown handsome little dog.  Out the door and we saw a conversion van with the door open and a few other dogs. We noticed that one of the cages were open so we called the front desk to let them know. After about 10 minutes or so a woman walked by and said that the dog looked just like hers. We asked if the van was hers and it was, so this was her dog! We started asking questions about the breed. Turned out to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. That is when Krista and I fell in love with the breed. We knew we needed one!

Aug | The catalyst

It had taken us a little while to find breeders in the Ohio area and to select the one that we wanted to purchase our first family pet. We found Dillon Kennels in Springfield, OH. We went and looked at the litter of three and choose LB. LB was born on July 11, 2000. We had already done our research and knew that we were going to find a club to run agility with LB.

July | Little Buddy aka L.B

In May of 2003 LB and I started in the beginners obedience class at Gem City Dog Obedience Club. We had to take two class of obedience before taking the agility classes but LB was a natural and we only completed one before moving to agility class.

May | Training Begins

July | First Agility Class

Gem City was offering a summer long three class series that LB and I signed up to take. There were five instructors and maybe 10-15 students. We made some life long friends in that class. It was a great beginning for us. Unfortunately, I got very busy at work and could not attend classes any longer in the second session and that is when Krista took over and continued LB’s training. LB and Krista made a great team. When work slowed down and I was able to start back in class with LB, it was not long until I realized that Krista and LB had made a great team and should be back together. Krista resumed classes with LB and even started competing with him.

Krista and LB competed in their first CPE Nationals in 2005. Due to a death in the family we had to miss the first day but got to run on Saturday and Sunday. They Qualified 5 out of the 6 runs and achieved High in Trial Standard in the 8” Level 3 class.

June | Our First CPE Nationals

May | New addition

After months/years of being an Agility Support Spouse for Krista and LB, I decided that I wanted a dog for me to train and compete. After interviewing many different breeds and talking with many rescues, we rescued Mia. Mia was our first Border Collie. She has been a great addition to the family.

Mia and I started attending classes at Gem City

july | Mia in class

sept | First Major Title

LB earned his first C-ATCH in CPE

Mia and I competed in our first CPE Nationals in 2009. We barely qualified on the last day to get the requirements. It was a great trip to Greenfield, MA and if I recall correctly, we went 5 for 9.

June | Mia’s First CPE Nationals

sept | David’s first run

LB earned his first C-ATCH in CPE

David and I are sharing running time with Mia. I decide for us to add a third dog to the house. I started my search and find Kaci and Spur Bar Ranch in Lansing, MI.

oct | Another new addition

march | Kaci’s training begins

I start Kaci’s training with a friend at his house. Custom training to the handle and dog pair. David is taking classes there as well due to the difficulty finding clubs that will work with children.

Mia earned her first C-ATCH on September 19th, 2010

sept | Mia's first major title

Also there was an assistant teaching spot open at Gem City. I asked the lead instructor if she would allow me to help with her class. Kathy Roberts agreed to allow me to be her assistant. Thank you very much Kathy for the opportunity.

aug | Ana’s first runbegins

Ana ran her first run in August of 2011. She ran a friends Carin Terrier named Grendel.

When I was looking for a puppy and found Kaci, I had spoke to a good friend and asked if she would breed her dog Lucy. She was unable to breed her at the time but later did breed her. I did not need another puppy but could not pass up a Lucy puppy. Reagan was born on Nov 6th, 2012. His registered name is “Hail to the Chief Reagan”.

nov | 4th addition to the family

march | Reagan’s training beginsrunbegins

Reagan and I begin taking classes at Unleashed Agility.

A friend was working at a rescue and a Corgi was dropped off. We got the text and immediately went to see the puppy. Estimated birth date was January 23rd, 2013. He was a good puppy and we adopted him. We named him Fred-D (freddy).

june | Why not add another? family

july | Fred-D’s training beginsbeginsrunbegins

Fred-D and Krista start class at Unleashed Agility.

September 28th, 2013: I ran Kaci first on a very nicely designed Standard course. Kaci Qed and earned her first C-ATCH. Just a few dogs later Mia earned her C-ATE on the same course. Earlier in the day, David was running Mia and earned Mia’s C-ATCH 2. Three major titles in one day!

sept | What a special day

March | David’s Junior C-ATCH

David earn his junior C-ATCH on March 29th, 2014.

I started teaching class at Unleashed Agility.

May | Teaching at Unleashed

june | David’s first Nationals

David competes with Mia in his first CPE National Event. The event was in Lake Elmo, MN. Mia and David went 5 for 9 that year.

Ana earned her junior C-ATCH on May 28th, 2016.


june | Junior National Champion

David and Mia went 8 for 9 in the CPE National event in Springfield, OH. They were the Junior National Champions for the event.

LB passed away on January 4th, 2017. LB was a great companion for everyone in the family and was the reason we started in agility. He is dearly missed every day. He competed in CPE, USDAA and UKC. His last Q was on March 29th, 2015 and he earned his C-ATCH 5 and CT-ACH 3. LB competed in seven CPE National events (2005, 2008 – 2013).

jan | Passing of LB

oct | David wanted a puppy

David wanted a puppy to train on his own. A friend was breeding Reagan’s sister and we were lucky that we were able to get on the list for a puppy. Betty was born on October 8th, 2017. Her registered name is Won a Bet Betty.

Reagan earned is C-ATCH on April 1st, 2018.

april | Reagan’s C-ATCH

may | Kaci’s C-ATE

Kaci and Krista earn their C-ATE. What a great accomplishment.

At the 2018 CPE National event in Springfield, OH, David and Mia went 8 for 9 and repeated as Junior National Champions.

june | Repeat Junior National Champions

aug | Rhythm Dog Sports is born

The first classes at Rhythm Dog Sports begin in August of 2018.

Reagan earned is C-ATCH on April 1st, 2018.

Dec | Rhythm Dog Sport's First Trial

Our dogs







Mia has competed in CPE, ASCA, UKC and AKC. She has earned her C-ATE, C-ATCH 11 and CS-ATCH 4. She has completed in nine CPE National events (2009 - 2016 and 2018).


Kaci has competed in CPE, ASCA and AKC. She has earned her C-ATE and C-ATCH 3. She has competed in six CPE National events (2012 – 2016 and 2018).


Reagan has competed in CPE and AKC. He has earned his C-ATCH and working towards his C-ATE. He has competed in three CPE National events (2015, 2016 and 2018). He earned a 1st place in each of the events. He was 1st place in 2015 in Jackpot, 1st in Fullhouse in 2016 and 1st in Friday’s Standard in 2018.


Fred-D has only competed in CPE. Krista attempted to run him in a few trials and Fred-D just did not seem to like to run in front of people. Fred-D appears to have chosen me as his handler. Fred-D and I earned a Q in Fullhouse on January 1st, 2017. Fred-D decided at the trial on Dec 15-16, 2018 that he wanted to run. We ran three runs and went 3 for 3 and earned his first agility title. 


The newest crew member!