I started teaching to help me better understand the behaviors of both handlers and dogs. I thought that if I could help others, it would help my own handling and performance. There are so many wonderful people in the sport of agility with so much to offer. I continue to learn from each person I come in contact with and still 20+ years later enjoy the sport in general. Teaching has made me a better person. 

The most rewarding moment for me as a teacher is seeing that "light bulb" moment for my teams, when things really start to work the way they should. It’s magical to see the expression on the handler’s face when they start to trust the training they’ve worked so hard on with their dog. For example, I love seeing the trust when a team is in the ring and the handler sends a dog in one direction, heads in a different direction, and then the team meets up further down the course just as planned. These moments make this sport so much fun to run and to watch.

Our Approach

We believe that no cookie cutter system will fit all handler and dog combinations...

We tailor our training programs to fit the needs of each team.

Available Classes

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6-7pm Advanced Skill & Drills

2021 Session 3 will begin Sept 15th 

6-7pm Advanced Skill & Drills

6-7pm Combined




Class Types

Designed for puppies/dogs that are beginners and have not started to compete. In Foundations class we focus on flat work drills and start to introduce the dogs to the different equipment.


Designed for dogs that are competing at any level. We focus on drills and course work that will add skills to your tool belt. We also practice reading courses and how to control and setup your dog for each sequence.

If you would like to work on a specific training area or just want a one-on-one session, please contact us to schedule a private lesson!

Private Lessons

Skills & Drills

Every puppy/dog is unique and will be motivated to train by something different. The key to early training is finding the perfect motivator for your dog which is something we focus on here at Rhythm Dogs Sports. Some dogs will work for food/treats, others might prefer a toy, others might prefer praise and attention from you, their handler, and some might require a combination of all three.

Get ready to learn all about yourself and your companion during the sport of agility. It is a fantastic and rewarding journey if you allow it to be.


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